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Accurate. Unbiased. Exceptional.


Owner and lead inspector, Geoffrey Bennett, CMI, has the inspection experience and education needed to accurately diagnose and describe what he sees. After a decade as a licensed general contractor, remodeling and repairing homes throughout Western Washington, Geoffrey brings deep knowledge of industry trends and structural components. As a real estate investor Geoffrey knows what to look for when money is at stake.


Accurate: ac·cu·rate

1:  free from mistakes or errors especially as the result of care.

2:  able to produce results that are correct.

3:  conforming exactly to truth or to a standard.


With accurate investigation your report will carry depth and weight as you make your important decision. Every detail of the inspection is carefully considered and reported. We take time to investigate all the signals a home presents to be certain of what we report.



Unbiased: un·bi·ased

1:  free from bias; especially

2:  free from all prejudice and favoritism.

3:  eminently fair <an unbiased opinion>.


We take our cues from the homes we inspect. Being unbiased means we are free to report what is or is not there. Our main goal is showing a clear picture of your potential home.



Exceptional: ex·cep·tion·al
1:  unusually good: much better than average: superior.

2:  deviating from the norm: not usual or uncommon.

3:  forming an exception: rare.


Combining knowledge, wisdom, and a clear reporting style we provide you with one of the finest inspections available. With our professional demeanor and interest in your questions you will have the benefit of working with Bennett Home Inspections as part of your real estate transaction. Don't miss out- call now to make your inspection appointment.

Geoff Bennett, CMI.

Listed as a Certified Master Inspector®

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