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"Geoff was great. We called around to several Home Inspectors, and read reviews online. Immediately upon speaking with Geoff, we knew we were going with him and would be in good hands. We didn't choose wrong. He was very thorough and spent a lot of time answering our questions in detail. We liked that Geoff does the inspection himself, and didn't send someone out to do it. Highly recommend him and would use him again in the future!!"

Katelin H 2/17/17 Five Star Redfin Open Book Review

"Geoff is a wonderful home Inspector. He is very knowledgeable of the in and outs of houses. His inspection reports are very detailed with pictures about conditions and recommended repairs. As a Realtor, I always recommend my clients use Geoff for their home inspection and they are very pleased with his thoroughness."

Terri B. 2/16/17 Five Star Yelp Review

"Professional, knowledgeable, thorough, friendly, and very helpful!!"

Alex K. 2/13/17 Five Star Yelp Review

"Geoff came recommended by our realtor and we were very pleased with his service.  The attention to detail and thorough examination (he was somehow able to squeeze through a tiny access point to the attic located inside a closet) was superb.  However, to me the most impressive part was his sincerity, I walked away feeling like he truly cared the job was done well.  We were more than just another job/transaction to him and that was great.  Would highly recommend him."

Kevin J. 1/23/17 Five Star Yelp Review

"Prompt, respectful of current owner and a very detailed inspection report"

Debra O. 1/8/17 Five Star Yelp Review

"Geoff is amazing! He has incredible customer service skills and is one of the most competent and thorough home inspectors I have ever come across. Our inspection was done the day before Thanksgiving and Geoff made sure it was completed by the following day! We felt bad that he had to work on Thanksgiving, but he stated, "That's my job". I will use them in the future for all home inspections.

Harry K. 12/13/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Honestly, Geoff made this headache of an experience so much easier. He explained everything in detail, was extremely easy to get ahold of and got back to me so quickly it was like working with a friend. There is a reason he has such high ratings. He even sent me a video of what was wrong so I could fully understand the problem. I can't recommend him highly enough and if I could give more stars I would!"

Lauren Y. 11/29/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Having Geoff as our inspector was a wonderful experience, if we could give him more than 5 stars we certainly would  He was extremely pleasant, polite, and professional. He encouraged us to join him through the inspection and talked us through what he was doing and what he saw, often with demonstrations of how things worked (or should have worked in the case of a misplaced anti-tip bracket for the oven) . He took time to answer all the questions we had, as thoroughly as we wanted.  After each phase of the inspection (e.g. outside examination, crawl space, attic, etc...) Geoff went through pictures on his tablet and showed us what he saw, explaining his thoughts on each potential problem. The next morning we had a digital report, with pictures, notes and recommendations that documented everything."

Greg B. 11/2/16 Five Star Yelp Review


"Geoff came out and inspected our condo for us. He was prompt, polite, thorough and professional. He took pictures of all the areas of concern and, at the conclusion of the inspection, showed us a slideshow on his Surface Pro. He explained in detail what the pictures revealed, why this would be a concern for a homeowner, and what should be done to repair the deficiency.

He even had some impressive tools, that made visible the invisible like a gadget that showed the thermal temperature of the water heater and vents when used in conjunction with his camera.

All in all we were very impressed with the inspection and would recommend his company to anyone in need of home inspection services."
Tony and Julie C. 10/23/16
 Five Star Yelp Review

"Geoff was truly fantastic. Incredibly knowledgeable, detailed, punctual, and personable- what more could you ask for? He explained everything as I observed the inspection and documented it all in a well structured with lots of images and information. Inspection rate was competitive and he checked everything on the house- including the roof, attic, and crawlspace. His professionalism shows in how seriously he takes the quality of his work.
Book this guy for your home inspection. YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED."

Caleb P. 10/22/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"This is our first time buying a home so we didn't know what to expect from our home inspection. Geoff was extremely knowledgeable and very informative. He was ready and willing to answer any and all questions about the home we are purchasing. I would recommend him to anyone making a home purchase! Extremely happy with the services he provided."

Heidi A. 10/16/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"We needed a home inspection prior to purchasing an older home. The inspection we received revealed deficiencies in the HVAC, roof, electrical, plumbing, siding, windows, and a chimney with a starling nest.
We were so pleased with Bennett Home Inspection's services and would use the company without hesitation. Mr. Bennett offered PhD level knowledge of the state of our potential home, and advice on how to correct any shortcomings. He inspected every single part of the house, interior and exterior, including (off the top of my head and not inclusive) the attic, crawlspace, electrical, major installed appliances, foundation, HVAC, windows, roof, siding, plumbing, electrical, He even showed me where to change the furnace filter. We were so impressed with his knowledge.


My husband has a background in construction and I would call myself an advanced do-it-yourselfer. However, we would not buy another house without calling Bennett Home Inspections first. Mr. Bennett brings invaluable expertise, an eye for detail, and strong verbal and written skills to his inspections. We absolutely got what we paid for and more. We highly recommend this company."

Christy. 9/25/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Recently received our home inspection from Geoff.  He was very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough.  Geoff took his time to fully inspect the home, provide a very detailed report with pictures, and go over each point with explanations we could understand.  Bennett Home Inspections made our experience easy and painless.  We would Definitely use them again, and will refer friends and family in the future."

Gillian A. 8/11/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Geoff Bennett spent over two hours inspecting our new house,  and then thoroughly explained all his findings while he showed us pictures.  He is very nice, professional, and even has a good sense of humor.  I would highly recommend him!"

-Marie H. 7/30/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Geoff was exceptionally thorough, professional, and friendly.  My wife and I are first-time homebuyers and Geoff's expertise  and approachability put us at ease and made the inspection process painless.  I wish everyone did business like Geoff!"

Allen P. 7/26/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"We were referred to Bennett Home Inspections by our realtor, who spoke wonders of Geoff's work... now we understand why, they really deserve all the great reviews they have. We are buying a home for the first time and Geoff made our decision significantly easier. He encouraged us to go with him as he made the inspection, providing detailed explanation of what things needed fixing, why, and how to fix them.  He bore down with our onslaught of questions with the best attitude.  After the inspection, Geoff sends an extremely detailed report with pictures of every issue he identified, and provides solutions for everything, so you can use the report as a home project planner.  All in all, we are extremely happy with the inspection, would absolutely recommend them, and will hire their services again if we buy another home!"

Daniel T. 7/24/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Thank you Geoff!  Very professional, friendly and thorough!  The best home inspector/inspection we've ever had!  (we've had 3)  Answers any questions we have and answers the phone when we call.  Our realtor referred him, very pleased with his work.  Thank you, your hard work is appreciated!  We will request Bennett Home Inspections in the future."

A.S. 7/21/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"We have used Bennett Home Inspections 4 times, incredibly thorough.  Bennett home inspections saved us from a bad home purchase, and well advised us of everything necessary for all of our home purchases. They are friendly, outgoing, and affordable! Just overall had a killer experience!"

Cynthia S. 5/18/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Geoff helped us inspect our second property we purchased at Auction. Wish Geoff had inspected our first!
With his inspection we could focus on first things first with the repairs. He was on time, respectful, efficient, thorough and timely in his report findings. From that inspection we were able to prioritize our repairs. Next time we buy property, we'll be calling Geoff. We would recommend Bennett Home Inspections to anyone with a home to buy, sell, rent or rehab."

Lucy C. 5/10/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Geoff conducted my home inspection and delivered a very thorough report. He is both personable and professional and covered all areas that needed repair or pay attention to for future update. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a home inspection, HE IS THE ONE!!"

Dieter L. 1/28/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Geoff was a great guy and a knowledgable inspector. We couldn't be happier with him. He explained everything about our house in detail. 5 stars is very much deserved. Thanks Geoff!"

Donna B 1/26/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"I would seriously recommend Geoff perform all your home inspections. I hired him to inspect two homes in the last three months and was so glad I chose him the second time too. He is friendly, extremely thorough, honest, humble and will discuss on-site any remedies based on issues that he sees. He always answers his phone when I call even when he's in the middle of another inspection and is very responsive to any questions I ever had about things we discussed or was in his report. I've finally found an inspector that met my high standards.
Thanks again Geoff. Next time we move I will be calling you."

T.C. 1/23/16 Five Star Yelp Review

"Geoff was very thorough and conscientious. Would definitely use him again!"

Joseph S 11/14/15 Five Star Yelp Review

"I would recommend Geoff to anyone going through a home purchase! He is not only incredibly skilled and intelligent, but also personable and very professional as well. I walked with him through almost the entire inspection and he explained everything in a way that was clear and easy to understand. And with every problem or issue he encountered he gave me practical advice and common solutions to what he would recommend as a fix or repair. He always responded promptly to every contact I made with him, and after the inspection was done we got a very detailed and clear report that we could scan through and get a perfect summary of everything that was before us! His photos and room-by-room details made the review process quick and easy. I can't recommend Geoff highly enough! He's a great guy with a passion for quality and efficiency. Don't look anywhere else, he is the one for the job!"

-Nick C. 11/7/15  Five Star Yelp Review



"Best inspector I have dealt with, went over everything. Gave advice on what to look for or future repairs to avoid issues. Great guy and company."

- Chris N. 11/5/15 Five Star Yelp Review



"Geoff is everything you could hope for in a home inspector. He is polite, highly knowledgeable, and extremely thorough. He absolutely went above and beyond during his inspection of our newly-built home.On our first appointment, we all showed up to find that the house was not finished yet and therefore not ready to be inspected. Immediately, Geoff suggested that we re-schedule the inspection for a later date but still took the time to do a preliminary look around and point out quite a few things for us.When we met up for the second appointment, Geoff methodically inspected every inch of the house, pointing out problems and potential trouble spots along the way. Every time he found something, he would also have an explanation for what was happening as well as how we could expect the builder to fix it. He also took the time to listen to our concerns and provided explanations/advice/suggestions for every single one of them.Geoff brought a sense of calm and control to an otherwise hectic and stressful home-buying experience. I can't imagine a better home inspector!

-Justin L. 10/7/15 Five Star Yelp Review



"I like providing chances to small independent business owners, and this was 5 gold star service. Geoff was professional and polite. I have had several inspections throughout my home ownerships and this was by far was the best. I was present during the whole inspection and as he finished each major section he took the time to explain in detail the issues. His final report was detailed with major fixes and minor items to be watched. He also took very accurate pictures which explained the issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an inspection or to realtors who offer recommendations to their clients."

-Portia 7/11/15 Five Star Yelp Review



"Extremely professional and extremely helpful. Can't recommend Geoffrey enough!"

-Reverend R. 4/13/15 Five Star Yelp Review



"Great Inspection Service. Geoff Bennett inspected a home that I am going to purchase today, and I could not be more pleased with how it went. He took the time to explain every issue, and got every detail. I would recommend him in a second for any home inspection"

-David G.



"Geoff worked around our schedule to make sure we were able to be at the house for the inspection. It was an older building so there was a lot to address, but Geoff didn't shy away from anything. He checked in every nook and cranny, and happily shared everything he found in a way that we could understand. He never hesitated to thoroughly address any and all of our questions, and was quick to offer advice on how to work through the issues we found with the house. The report came back on the property extremely quickly and was laid out in an understandable and professional way. If not for Geoff, we would have ended up in a house with significant, yet subtle, problems and had no idea. I would DEFINITELY recommend Bennett Home Inspections to anyone in the area."

-Ryan H. 2/18/15 Five Star Yelp Review



"I want to compliment you on your very thorough and easily understood home inspection report. 

I recently had a home inspected  by one of your competitors and by far your inspection report exceeded their competency and quality in all regards.  In addition your pricing was 40% less than the cost of that other inspection.  Your format is excellent and the pictures are very well taken showing the issues at hand.

I would be very happy if you used this as a recommendation on your website.    Good Job!"

-Michael G. 1/29/15



"Geoff did a terrific home inspection on very short notice. He was very professional and thorough and wrote detailed descriptions with photos of everything that needed repair. He also did a great job of explaining everything that appeared in the report over the phone, since I couldn't be present for the inspection. I received one of the best home inspection reports I've ever seen, and am very satisfied with his service. I recommend him highly!"

-David C. 1/21/15  Five Star Yelp Review


"Professional, knowledgeable, and detail oriented.  Could not have asked for a better home inspection.  Mr. Bennett checked everything there was to check: climbed around the roof, up into the attic, and down into the crawl space, taking pictures as he went.  He checked every outlet and nook and cranny.  He explained in detail everything good and bad that he found, how urgent it was, why it was important, any recommendations he had and rough cost estimates.  He was able to answer all of our questions and was patient and friendly.  He took detailed notes after every item he checked off of his list.  He explained to us what to expect in his report and what the different rating levels for each item meant.  As a detail oriented person, I truly appreciated the time and care he took to not only inspect each item, but explain every concern to us.  If you want a top-notch inspector who takes the time to do the job right, Geoffrey Bennett is your man."

-Haley M. 1/15/15 Five Star Yelp Review


"Bennett Home Inspections came out on very short notice, in some of the most miserable weather we had seen in a long time, and did an absolutely amazing job. Not only did he get up on the roof in that weather, but he also took the time to explain to me each item he found, what the potential ramifications were, any potential fixes he knew of and what his recommendations were. The entire process was very educational, and he made it very easy and non-stressful for me as a new buyer. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate his professionalism, patience, and attention to detail. I highly recommend him."

- Heidi B. 11/30/14 Five Star Yelp Review



"...He called back twenty minutes later and said he would arrange to do an inspection for me. This was the absolute best thing. Not only was it less expensive then any one else I had called but he spent 4.5 hrs going over every thing from the smallest stuff to the big stuff. He explained how things should be done correctly and who I should call to have fix things. I received a very detailed report of everything he went over with me, and what to keep an eye on and what type of contractors to call for work on things. I would absolutely recommend this inspector for home purchasing inspections."

-Elizabeth D. 10/23/14 Five Star Yelp Review



"Good morning, Thank you very much. This is a well written and informative report. It was a pleasure to meet you."

Ann and Jean Claude D. 8/17/14



"Thank you Geoff, you have been over the top awesome!!"

-Lynette J. 6/2/14 Five Star Yelp Review



"We are so happy we had Bennett Home Inspection inspect the home we recently made an offer on. Geoff Bennett performed our inspection while we were there, pointing out the main problems in person, explaining why they were important and detailing the recommended fix. I definitely learned a few things about home maintenance in the process. The inspection report was descriptive and concise and very prompt. It really helped us make informed decisions regarding the purchase of our new home, and saved us a lot of money too! Geoff is friendly, responsive and easy to work with. I have complete confidence recommending this company to anyone."

-Erin F. 5/7/14 Five Star Yelp Review



"Yesterday I received the most thorough home inspection on short notice from Geoff Bennett. He was very professional and explained things along the way to keep me informed. I was very pleased with not only the inspection but the report as well. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional home inspector!"

-Jason 5/6/14 Five Star Yelp Review



"Geoff was outstanding. He was the only inspector that phoned me back personally to explain everything he looks for in an inspection and what to expect from the completed report. We were in the process of purchasing a 1910 craftsman and wanted an experienced home inspector with these types of old houses. He spent a good few hours inspecting the house, walked me through the house explaining and pointing out everything that he found, suggested possible fixes and recommendations, and produced a very comprehensive 35 plus page report. His fee was also very reasonable and less than most of the competition. I highly recommend Geoff Bennett home inspections! Very professional."

-Stephen G. 1/20/14



"Today, I needed a last minute home inspector because my previous one cancelled. I searched for one that could come out today, and I came across Bennett Home inspections. I could not be more pleased with my decision. He showed up promptly, and was very professional and thorough. I watched him do much of the inspection, and he was not bothered at all by any questions that I asked. I would highly recommend him for any home inspection needs."

-D.G. 11/28/13 Five Star Yelp Review



"Mr. Bennett was recommended to me by my realtor, so I called and interviewed him on the phone. I hung up knowing I had found the guy to do my home inspection. I met with Mr. Bennett on the property as he was inspecting the exterior, and though it was a damp and chilly morning, Mr. Bennett was lively and very enthusiastic. He instantly showed me some problem areas that he had discovered and was very good about giving great advice on how to fix them. Even after we were inside the house, anytime he found anything "concerning" he would promptly show it to me, explain what could happen if it went unfixed and advice on how to go about getting it fixed. Mr. Bennett's knowledge, coming from over ten years in the construction business, was very helpful and I would recommend Mr. Bennett to anyone who is looking for a quality and highly detailed inspection that comes with an equally highly detailed report."

-Viktor P. Five Star Yelp Review

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